Almonds, also called Badaam is considered the king of dry fruits. Highly nutritional and healthy. There are different varieties of almonds based on their quality and size. Almonds being one of the traditional dry fruits, it is used in several forms as daily intake such as add-on to a dish, milk or even consumed directly. One ounce of badaam is considered to provide one-eighth of the daily protein intake.
While there are several health benefits, listed down are the most important ones. It is advised to take 45g of almonds every day. For people with a plant-based diet, almonds are the best source of protein.

Benefits of Almonds
1) Almonds contain unsaturated fat, hence helps in improving the blood cholesterol status
2) Lowers the risk of breast cancer
3) Reduces blood pressure and improves blood flow
4) Good antioxidant hence prevent the body from oxidative damage
5) Good for diabetic patients as it improves blood sugar level
6) Weight-loss & Good for bones

Nutrients per 100g
579 Calories
Protein: 21.15 g
Fat: 49.93 g
Carbohydrate: 21.55 g
Fiber: 12.50 g
Sugar: 4.35 g
Calcium: 269 mg
Iron: 3.71 mg
Magnesium: 270 mg
Phosphorous: 481 mg
Potassium: 733 mg
Vitamin E: 25.63 mg

Note: People with nut allergies should avoid almonds and medical consultation is preferred.

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