About Us

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About Us

bmartt.com, India’s largest online shop for healthy bites, offers the finest variety of nuts and dried fruits from around the world. We leverage an extensive global network that has been cultivated over the past 10 years, to source the best products from various parts of mother earth. bmartt.com delivers excellent quality nuts and dried fruits at the most competitive prices, right at your doorstep.

From Indian walnuts by one of this country's most prominent exporters and processors to imported walnuts approved by the Walnut Board of California; from vacuum-packed nuts of Kashmir to premium nuts, imported berries or other exotic dry fruits from around the world & from sliced, diced, powdered or chopped nuts for cooking to flavored, salted or roasted dry fruits for snacking; Nutraj.com is the ideal option to satisfy your every nutty need.
OUR MAIN VALUES of dry fruit & spice fairness and constructive partnerships with our producers and customers are some of the basic principles we adhere to. We base all our activities on confidence, reliability, and good quality products, establishing fruitful collaborations that are built to last. Teamwork, commitment, competitive solutions, and Customers satisfaction best summarize our idea of being traders.

Who We Are

BMARTT Bangalore owns the largest online/offline Super trade where all your daily needs are just a click away!!! Easy access to more than 100+ products in various categories like dry fruits, food products, spicy masala, is what makes us Unique. Hassle-free shopping, High-Quality Products, Affordable prices make us different from the conventional Kirana Stores. Delivering high-quality goods to our customers at a reasonable price within a stipulated time and thereby making our customers satisfied is our priority.


BMARTT bangalore own largest online/offline Super trade where all your daily needs are just a click away!!

Our Long Terms Goals

Improve new customers' loyalty Build new business relationships Strengthen our existing partnerships Widen our product range Increase our market share Consolidate our position in the global market Become more and more competitive

Eat Fresh to Stay Healthy ?

In this era, with a fast life and a busy schedule, we forget to keep a track of our health. We all know that staying healthy is important. Eating High Quality Fresh cooked food is the first Step towards a healthy life. But, we don't really have the time to go and buy food staples and at the same time make sure that these staples are of good quality.

Where to Buy Dry Fruits & Spices Online & Offline ?

The world is growing digital day by day. At our Dry Fruit Store , we make it easier for you to buy these tasty and nutritious dried fruits online. offline We offer you over a 100+ products best- suited for leading an active lifestyle like so go ahead and order your favorite Dried Fruit I Nuts I DRY FRUIT I SPICE online at www.bmartt.com


100% PURE VEGETARIAN We feature a great selection of Vegetarian Authentic high-quality merchandise, friendly service and, of course, Every Day Low Prices. We also have another goal: to bring you the best shopping experience on the Internet. Timely Delivery Bmartt ka Apna Online Store so relax at your air conditioned homes and be assured that we are always there putting our best stride forward to make your life much more easy.

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